Case Study-Relations


In fostering good relations with other football stakeholders and key players, the FKF has managed to hold Successful negotiations not only with FIFA and CAF but also with other Member Associations and the Kenyan Government.

Positive negotiations with FIFA immediately after being elected into office has seen the world governing body lift a three-year embargo dating back to 2013 to resume full funding of Kenyan football activities to a tune of Ksh 125 million per year.

In addition, cordial relationship and mutual understanding between the FKF president and the CAF hierarchy seen the CAF leadership visit the country in a bid to strengthen working relationships.

Back home the FKF administration has cultivated a cordial working relationship with the government that has  seen the government through the Ministry of Sports continue to partner with the Federation in many fronts, including the paying of national team players allowances and air tickets during away matches.

This continued show of good faith by a Government that not long ago lacked the confidence to invest in football clearly demonstrates the great efforts that have so far been put in, to win stakeholders confidence all in an effort aimed at improving the football development