FKF President Nick Mwendwa presides over Utalii College Sports day

Nick Mwendwa
FKF President Mwendwa makes an address during the opening ceremony of the Kenya Utalii College Annual Sports Day
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FKF President Nick Mwendwa has on Friday, July 27, 2018, presided over the opening ceremony of the Kenya Utalii College annual sports day.

The event saw students from the institution compete in various sports disciplines including football, athletics and volleyball.

“Football Kenya Federation is looking at more options of partnerships with education institutions to see how we can give our youth a chance of not only nurturing their talent but also furthering their academic credentials,” said Mr. Mwendwa.

FKF has in place a partnership with Laiser Hill Academy and Juja Preparatory School, the first ever Centers of Excellence, which have given a chance to 15 players to gain both football skills and academic credentials.

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