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Please find attached comprehensive lists of mid-season transfers in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL), National Super League (NSL) the Division one and provisionally registered players.

In addition, kindly note the following:


  1. Ugandans form the majority of foreign nationals who have transferred to the Kenyan Leagues (21 players)
  2. 69 Number of transfers completed on 2 July 2016, the busiest transfer day
  3. Overall transfers 387
  4. International transfers 8
  5. Number of free transfers 241
  6. Number of players loaned out 19
  7. Players Who renewed their contracts 15
  8. Club with highest transfers Sofapaka FC (20 new signings)
  9. Club with lowest transfer Zoo Kericho (One Player)
  10. 33 players transferred from lower leagues to join KPL Teams
  11. 47 players transferred from KPL to lower leagues


Also of importance to note are;

  1. Provisional transfers: are transfers that have gone through but are yet to be effected due to the following three reasons

Ø  ITC clearance(Releasing association to deliver ITC)

Ø  Work permit(Club to apply for permit)

Ø  FIFA Players status(FIFA Status committee reviewing request to override transfer )

The players in the aforementioned category will only take to the field of play once their various documents are submitted to the relevant institutions.

  1. Completed transfers, on the other hand, are transfers that have been received and cleared by the F.A.