This morning (Friday 16th November 2018) we have received the decision for urgent provisional measures that FKF had applied for at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The application was made in order for CAS to apply a provisional measure over CAF to incorporate Kenya into AWCON, or failing this, to injunct and suspend the entire tournament until a rightful decision has been made. Our challenge was great, however, we had strength in our legal submissions.

The final decision by the President of the Appeals Division was to, unfortunately, reject our application for provisional measures, and we fully understand and respect the decision of the CAS.

This, however, does not end the case. Our appeal against CAF is still open, and we will continue to fight for justice to be done in some way, to repair the harm that has been caused to our Starlets and the people of our nation. We will continue to fight at CAS in order to demonstrate that we as a federation and we as a people will not sit back and simply accept routine and blatant regulatory breaches that impact the progression of our teams, national or otherwise.

For the moment, we wish the participants of AWCON all the best, and we are sure that Ghana will continue to host a wonderful event without us, and we will prepare strongly to ensure that Kenya is represented at the next AWCON.

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