Football Kenya Federation has on Saturday rolled out an Elite U13 and U15 league which comprises of top academies around Nairobi.

The league, a brainchild of the Federation’s Youth Committee, is aimed at addressing the disparity in quality of academies taking part in the sub-branch youth leagues.

“This elite league is a follow up to the mainstream youth leagues that we had launched in 2016 at the sub-branch level,” said FKF Youth Committee Chairman Chris Amimo.

“We noticed a disparity in the caliber of teams that take part in the youth leagues and decided to set up this elite league which comprises of top academies around Nairobi,”

Among academies drafted into the league include Cheza Sports, Ligi Ndogo, Acakoro, and Vapor Sports, among others.

“This is only a pilot project and will be spread out to other parts of the country in due course. The door is also open to other academies, all you need to do if you think your academy is up to standard is to contact our Youth development desk,” said Mr. Amimo.

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