Seventeen out of 20 FKF Branches have so far held public participation forums on the 2019/2020 FKF Electoral Code ahead of repeat elections to be held within the first trimester of 2020.

The exercise is set to conclude before the turn of the year, with the Branches expected to forward their deliberations to the FKF Ag. General Secretary before January 8, 2020.

In its ruling, while nullifying the FKF Branch Elections, the Sports Disputes Tribunal cited inadequate public participation on the Electoral Code.

“We have come back to our members to seek their input on the code. Inclusivity is key in this process and I am happy that members will have their chance to exercise their right to choose proper leadership,” said South Coast Branch Chairman Gabriel Mghendi.

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The deliberations by the members will be brainstormed by the National Executive Committee, after which a vote will be passed on the final Code at a Special General Meeting to be convened in January.

The NEC shall also propose an Electoral Board, which will be up for a vote on the same day. If passed, the Board will henceforth be mandated with conducting the repeat elections.

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