Born in Baba Dogo, former Harambee Starlets player Samantha Akinyi has begun her coaching journey today, Friday, November 11, 2021, after being duly certified after attending a CAF D coaching course in Baba Dogo.

Her football career began at MYSA where she was playing for Ruaraka zone Babadogo United Ladies. Afterwhich, her exemplary performance saw her recruited by former FKF Women Premier League side, Makolanders FC.

In 2012, she earned her call up to the Kenya Women National Team, Harambee Starlets.

“I started having a yearning for coaching when I took up coaching for the Makolanders junior team. To create time, as I am still a player, I would schedule their training in between my sessions,” said Samantha Akinyi.

She continued to say,” This motivated me to go to classes so I could nurture their talent in the proper way and this is not the end for me, the plan is to attain the highest level of coaching certification.”

When we asked about her take on developing talent from the grassroot, that will in the long run create quality players at the national level, she had this to say.

“The grassroot is the cauldron of football talent in the country, nurturing and developing the players in the proper way will, in turn, create quality players who will be able to do well across the player pathway until the national level.”

“Plus, it helps create a continuous pool of quality players across the country,” said Coach Akinyi.

To her fellow players, she urged them to understand that football is a learning game and they should take up these coaching classes to help them enhance their football knowledge and get the coaches’ perspective of football.

46 other coaches were also duly certified after attending the 10-day coaching course at Baba Dogo.