15 Elite FKF coaching instructors are taking part in a ten-day CAF instructors ‘course which kicked off today,  Monday, March 6, 2023, at Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE).

Ethiopian CAF instructor and FIFA technical expert Abraham Mebratu will deliver the course.

“CAF has introduced a new coaching convention and we need new instructors trained in this convention. At the end of this course, we shall recognize the coaches based on their level and performance over the next 10 days,” Mebratu explained.

He added that instructors have an important responsibility in the development of football.

” Once you have quality instructors you can have quality coaches and those coaches will create quality players, then we can have a beautiful game and a strong national team, both female and male, in all age categories.”

KCB Coach Zedekiah Otieno echoed Mebratu’s sentiments

” This is a step in a positive direction, we need qualified instructors to build the capacity of local coaching. We are lucky to have one of the first training of this kind across Africa.”

FKF CEO Barry Otieno said the course is an opportunity for Kenyan coaches to build technical capacity at home and abroad.

“I urge you to see this as an opportunity, CAF can choose some of you to help deliver coaching courses across Africa which is good for you and for Kenya.”

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