The Football Kenya Federation has asked the National Assembly to urgently enact a law to criminalize match-fixing.

In a meeting with the National Assembly Committee for Sports and Culture, FKF President Nick Mwendwa told the lawmakers that match-fixing was a serious threat to the game.

“When football is manipulated it ruins the authenticity of the game which drives fans away. If you look at it this way, it’s clear that match-fixing is a massive threat to football as a sport and an industry, “he explained.

The President urged the lawmakers to act swiftly to protect the game.

“The Federation can only take action against match-fixers who are our members but this is not enough. We need to have people arrested and punished so we can end this vice. Today if we take a match-fixer to the police station, there is no law to charge these individuals. We are asking you to help us close this gap.”

FKF revealed that match-fixing is mostly run by syndicates operating mostly out of Asia who approach players and match officials to manipulate games,

The Federation has suspended 25 individuals comprising 7 match officials and eighteen players.

“The vice took root in our leagues between November 2021 and October 2022 when FKF was suspended. Match fixers took advantage of the fact that there was no regulator with the expertise to detect and track what was happening.”

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and the Arts Jonathan Mueke, said the Ministry was undertaking a comprehensive review of the National Sports Policy as a precursor to drafting legislation.

“We want to do it right, we put in place the policy then draft legislation,” he said.

The Chair of the Sports Committee Dan Wanyama committed to delivering legislation that will criminalize match-fixing in Kenya.

“We have heard you, we will help put in place legislation to criminalize match fixing so that those who engage in this vice can be charged and arrested in a court of law. “

Other members of the Committee who attended the session are Hon Naomi Waqo (Marsabit), Hon Catherine Osanyo (Busia), Hon Dr. Jackson Kosgey (Nominated), Hon Mary Emaase (Teso South), Hon Charles Nguna (Mwingi West) and Hon Gonzi Rai (Kinango).