Harambee Starlets, the pride of Kenya’s Women’s National Team, evokes moments of sheer delight and thrill.
Players like Jentrix Shikangwa, whose goals send the stadium into a frenzy, or Elizabeth Wambui, a master of set-pieces, and who can forget Annedy Kundu, our Kenya one, whose presence in the goal area exudes calmness. Not to mention the entire squad, showcasing remarkable teamwork on the field, leaving us thrilled at the terraces.

Now, just for a moment, envision a world without this remarkable team. No jaw-dropping goals, no threatening balls from the 18 line, no spectacular saves – only silence and crickets in women’s football. It’s a sad thought, even emotional to consider.

But how can we ensure the existence of this cherished team, witnessing our women excel in the FKF Women’s Premier League, FKF Women Division One League, and FKF Women’s Cup, among others? The fundamental question arises: how do we provide the girl child in grassroots football a platform to kick a ball in the first place?

Enter the Women’s Football Campaign, a global initiative aimed at increasing female participation in football and fostering the development of women and girls in the sport. It lays the foundation for a structured pathway that nurtures young players, offering the necessary support and guidance to excel in football and pursue national team and professional opportunities in the future.

In Kenya, we launched the Women’s Football Campaign in June, on the 1st and 2nd, 2023, at the Kasarani Annex. The event featured a vibrant tournament with 5-side games, creating a fun and engaging environment for children from primary schools across Nairobi.

Now, Nakuru County takes center stage as the first stop for the program’s rollout, held today, Saturday, August 5, 2023, at the RVIST grounds.

The excitement among the 20 primary schools from Nakuru is palpable, as the young girls eagerly participate in the campaign within their county. The Women’s Football Campaign breathes life into their dreams, nurturing their potential, and empowering them with every kick of the ball.

Beyond the playing field, the impact of the campaign extends to school team coaches. FKF’s commitment to capacity building ensures that these coaches possess the necessary expertise to mentor and educate these young talents. With well-trained coaches, these girls receive the proper football education, shaping them into potential future professionals.

Reflecting on this moment, Nancy Kariuki, a teacher from Ngata Primary School remarked, “We face a number of challenges in primary schools sports, among them lack of training equipment, attitude towards women’s football and poor infrastructure. We are thankful to FKF and FIFA for coming in handy to support us with equipment, which will go a long way in giving our young players a chance to showcase their talent.”

FKF Deputy President Doris Petra on her part, envisions a bright future for the participating girls.

“This campaign is a transformational milestone for our nation. As a Federation, we remain committed to ensuring that young players, both boys and girls, get a chance to explore their potential,” said Madam Petra.

The Women’s Football Campaign does not end in Nakuru; it will continue to thrive in all other regions nationwide, impacting the lives of girl children across the country.

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