30 participants, including five teachers, have today on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, embarked on their CAF D certificate journey in Embakasi Central.

This significant initiative aligns seamlessly with the Federation’s focus on women and youth football. Its core purpose? To empower the grassroots level of youth football by equipping educators with the necessary skills to nurture young talent effectively.

The teachers recognize that honing their coaching abilities will play a crucial role in shaping the budding football stars of tomorrow.

Their involvement directly contributes to the realization of the broader goals set by the FIFA Football For Schools and Women’s Football Campaign programs.

Joseph Juma, Waylight High school teacher participating in the program, shared his perspective on the profound importance of acquiring these enhanced coaching skills

“The future of football is with the young ones, while handling them we also realized we needed a professional approach to football so that we can direct them correctly on how they are supposed to play, if the coach is well equipped he will impart the right knowledge so they’ll grow up knowing the right way to go,” opined Juma.

Students spend most of their time in school and are exposed to their teachers as their coaches from their early development years. Seeing as this is case it’s vital to expose the young talents to professional coaching early on to ensure a better natural progression to professional football.

“Teachers being equipped with coaching skills can’t be overemphasized, because they are with these kids at a very tender age before they go professional. If they were trained professionally from the beginning it will make work easier for their future coaches.” Continued Juma.

FKF CEO Barry Otieno, echoing the sentiment, highlighted the fundamental role of grassroots and youth development in achieving the Federation’s priorities of women and youth football.

“Effective grassroots and youth development forms the bedrock of our commitment to advancing women’s and youth football. Through proper training and nurturing, we are sowing the seeds for a vibrant future in Kenyan football.”

The course is under the tutelage of FKF instructors Bernard Kawinzi and George Mwangi and will run for ten days, until, Friday, August 18, 2023.

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