On Friday, September 15, 2023, 30 participants achieved a significant milestone by earning their CAF D certificate in Mathare. Among them were three active football players, highlighting the growing importance of planning for life beyond the pitch.

The career span of a professional football player isn’t permanent, making it imperative for footballers to consider their post-football futures. This principle was demonstrated in this particular CAF D class.

This aligns perfectly with the Football Kenya Federation’s mission to establish a clear pathway for players to transition into coaching roles. This not only allows them to stay connected to the sport they love but also contribute to nurturing the next generation of football talent within the country.

Eugene Wethuli’s – a former player for Kakamega Homeboyz and Mathare United – passion for coaching has been evident since his younger years when he began mentoring players from their developmental stages, thus giving back to society through his coaching endeavors.

Eugene, when asked about the impact of FKF’s provision of coaching courses, emphasized how skilled coaches can benefit players. He said, “These coaching courses have provided us with a deeper understanding of football and how to foster talent across the country.”

He went on to describe the transformative potential of coaching on budding talents, stating, “By following the instructions and insights offered in this course, we will be able to nurture highly skilled players who understand the demands of the industry. Proper nurturing will ensure they grow to be physically, mentally, and tactically sound.”

Melvin Mbone, currently plying her trade with Slum Soccer Queens, shares a similar aspiration to reach the pinnacle of coaching and has embarked on her journey through the CAF D coaching course.

For Coach Melvin, coaching represents an opportunity to give back to the community by providing individuals in less privileged areas with a chance to use football as a means of improving their lives.

Melvin Mbone

She praised FKF’s initiative to provide coaching courses for community coaches, emphasizing that these coaches are driven by their passion rather than monetary gain and are motivated by a desire to bring positive change to their communities.

Expressing her gratitude, Melvin commended the Football Kenya Federation for encouraging young women to enroll in coaching courses, saying, “I’m grateful to FKF for offering women the platform to participate in these coaching courses, and I believe this will inspire a new generation of female coaches.”

The course was under the tutelage of FKF instructor coach George Mwangi.

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