Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president, Nick Mwendwa, and the Cabinet Secretary of Sports, Ababu Namwamba, returned from Cairo, Egypt, following a triumphant bid for the 2027 African Cup of Nations tournament On Thursday, September 28, 2023.

This joint bid, known as the Pamoja bid was accepted through a confidential ballot vote.

This will be the first time since 1976, when Ethiopia hosted the tournament, that the East African region has secured the honor of hosting this prestigious event.

The pivotal factor in the success of this bid was the unwavering support and goodwill extended by the governments of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. These governments have committed to meeting all the necessary requirements for the tournament.

FKF President Nick Mwendwa shared his thoughts on the bid’s journey, stating, “The difficult part was to convince our colleagues (CAF) that our governments were behind us, that was the missing piece, we had all three ministers and Permanent Secretaries with us and that’s what the tipped the scales for us.”

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba reassured Kenyan citizens and the entire East African community that all three nations involved in the joint bid will be well prepared to host the tournament.

This confidence is brought about by the existence of a comprehensive infrastructure development plan and a collaborative monitoring mechanism that will ensure each country fulfills its responsibilities.

“We have a good infrastructure development plan and just to assure every Kenyan and East African we have a joint monitoring mechanism to watch over preparations in every country.” remarked Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba.

“We are going to be renovating Kasarani, Nyayo and Kipchoge Keino stadiums and we are building a spanking new stadium with is going to be the jewel in the crown of all these facilities.” He continued.

This historic achievement will see Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania jointly hosting the AFCON tournament in the East African region for the first time since 1976.

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