A significant initiative by FIFA and CAF, aimed at enhancing coach education through the FIFA/CAF Regional Pathway Coach Educators Development Programme, kicked off on Monday, November 13, 2023 at Movenpick Hotel Nairobi. The event was inaugurated by FKF President Nick Mwendwa.

The program’s primary focus is on equipping coach educators with the necessary tools to effectively build capacity of the coaches who in turn will handle players. This emphasis on developing competent coach educators is recognized as crucial for impacting the overall quality of coaches, which subsequently influences player development.

Mohammed Basir, Senior Manager at FIFA’s coaching development department, emphasized the program’s approach, stating,

“A lot of us overlook the importance of the coach educator so if we can develop one good coach educator the impact on coaches is there. This program is specifically designed by FIFA to develop a formal training for coach educators.”

FKF President Nick Mwendwa on his part also appreciated the link between well-educated coaches and good player development that will influence the country’s growth in football for years to come.

“Education is key because once you equip the coaches they can select and train players who can contribute to the future of the country for many years to come. It’s a silent work that nobody talks about and my administration has been very keen to make sure we keep training coaches and continue to do that painful job and today is another big day to ensure we do this for our trainers of trainers.” he said.

This particular programme aligns seamlessly with FKF’s mandate to train coaches across all levels, from grassroots to professional and the president noted significant milestones that have been achieved noting FKF’s part in training over 6000 coaches. FKF also boasts of its own CAF and FIFA-approved coach educators something that’s distinct in the region.

In essence, this joint initiative by FKF, FIFA, and CAF demonstrates commitment to raise coaching standards in the country and ultimately player development.

This program runs for a year however this particular onsite course is set to run for five days.

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