The FKF Leagues and Competitions Committee, having reviewed the submissions from Gor Mahia and Murang’a Seal, along with the reports provided by the match officials, has made the following decisions regarding FKF Premier League Round 11, Match No 96 (Gor Mahia vs Murang’a Seal) due to crowd-related incidents.

Gor Mahia vs Muranga Seal:

  • The result of the FKF Premier League Round 11 match no. 96 will stand.
  • Gor Mahia shall cater or refund for incurred medical costs by match officials.
  • Gor Mahia shall play their next five (5) home FKF Premier League matches in an empty stadium. The club shall be responsible of the enforcement of this direction.
  • Gor Mahia shall pay a fine of KES 500,000.
  • Gor Mahia shall bear the costs of all the damages incurred by the stadium as shall be determined by Sports Kenya.
  • Gor Mahia Players namely Ouma Rodgers J.No 23, Onyango Rooney J.No. 88, Onyango Joshua J. No 4, and Ochieng Benson J.No 22, be referred to the FKF Disciplinary Committee for their role in the skirmishes.
  • Gor Mahia have the right to appeal this ruling in accordance with the FKF Regulations. Should the club wish to exercise this right, they must submit a formal appeal to the FKF Appeals Committee alongside the required appeals fee. It is important to note that the filing of an appeal does not automatically suspend the implementation of this ruling. Unless otherwise specified by the FKF Appeals Committee, the ruling shall remain in effect during the appeal process.

Detailed rulings, effective immediately, have been duly communicated to all the involved clubs.

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