Talanta FC team members attended a crucial integrity workshop today on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 at Kasarani Stadion Hotel.

The workshop, conducted by Football Kenya Federation’s Integrity Officer, Mike Kamure, focused primarily on the prevalent issue of match-fixing in football.

During his opening address, Kamure underscored the significant threats posed by match-fixers to the sport, stating, “Unscrupulous syndicates are consistently seeking ways to infiltrate our game and coerce players or officials into manipulating matches. We must remain vigilant against the dangers of match-fixing.”

He highlighted global instances where players and referees have been bribed to manipulate games, emphasizing the substantial sums of money involved. “The allure of quick cash is often exploited by fixers, making it tempting for unsuspecting players. However, we must safeguard the ethical integrity of our beloved sport,” he emphasized.

The workshop delved deeply into the various techniques utilized by fixers to approach players, such as establishing friendships and exploiting players’ financial needs. Guidance was provided to players on identifying warning signs of fixers’ approaches and firmly resisting any advances.

The team was sensitized on the strong reporting protocols available to them in the instance they possibly face match-fixing approaches.

Recognizing the impact of the workshop, Talanta FC’s Head Coach, Ken Kenyatta acknowledged that there was a sense of more awareness on how match-fixing jeopardizes the game and also how players are better equipped to reject fixers. He also went on to pledge to remain vigilant against any approaches directed at the team.

The Federation plans extensive match-fixing education across all Kenyan clubs and match officials as a measure to curb match fixing in sport.

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