The Kenya U17 Women’s National Team, Junior Starlets, has today, on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, actively participated in a safeguarding session, which they were taken through by safeguarding officer Mike Kamure.

This session aligns with the Federation’s commitment to prioritize women and youth in football, extending its protective umbrella over the young talents associated with the Federation.

During the session, the players were enlightened about the concept of safeguarding, emphasizing actions taken to ensure the welfare of children and shield them from various forms of harm. The focus was on four types of abuse that pose a threat to children’s well-being: emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect.

The players were also empowered with knowledge on recognizing signs of abusive behavior and were provided with effective ways to report such incidents, facilitating swift and appropriate action.

Furthermore, the coaching staff received guidance on identifying distress signals in children who may have experienced abuse. They were also instructed on handling these situations delicately while preserving the trust and courage of the child who comes forward.

This initiative underscores the Federation’s commitment to maintaining a safe environment across all leagues, tournaments, and academies, as part of an ongoing effort to prioritize safeguarding in youth and women’s football.

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