The 3-day CAF Club Licensing Workshop concluded on Thursday, April 4, 2024, in Nairobi.

The workshop saw participation from clubs in the FKF Premier League and National Super League during the initial two days, while the final day was dedicated to clubs in the FKF Women Premier League and Women National Super League.

The women’s clubs representatives today underwent extensive training sessions conducted on the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP), empowering them with in-depth knowledge on its use. Moreover, attendees were provided with comprehensive presentations outlining the regulatory framework of the CAF Club Licensing (edition 2022) for both men’s and women’s categories.

While men’s clubs have been subject to club licensing requirements since 2016, women’s clubs have not undergone the same. However, the upcoming 2024/25 season will see club licensing be applied for the first time to women’s football, particularly targeting the top-tier clubs competing in the FKF Women’s Premier League. This development marks a significant stride towards professionalizing women’s football in Kenya and sets a precedent as one of the first five countries in Africa to implement club licensing on women’s teams.

The workshops were under the guidance of CAF CLOP Instructor Emmanuel Dasoberi, CAF CLOP Officer Hamza Sorouri, and CAF CLOP Expert Miguel Revera.

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