Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has once again partnered with FIFA to advance sports medicine initiatives. This collaboration represents a crucial step towards enhancing the welfare and performance of female football players within the framework of FIFA’s women’s football development program.

Building on the previous workshop, this second edition of the physiotherapists workshop signifies a concerted effort to deepen knowledge and skills in sports medicine among participants from the FKF Women’s Premier League (FKF WPL) and FKF Women’s National Super League (FKF WNSL) clubs that was held from October 2, 2023.

This particular workshop aims to build upon the foundation laid during the inaugural session, ensuring continuity and progression in capacity building.

Notably, the same cohort of participants from last year’s workshop is participating in this current one. This is a deliberate move, reflecting a strategic approach to continuity and progression. By ensuring the participation of the same participants, this will enable facilitation of the integration of new learnings while reinforcing existing knowledge, thus maximizing the impact of the program.

Central to the workshop’s objectives is to ensure that participants enrich their knowledge on common sports injuries and interventions, nutritional and psychological care in sports Additionally, the participants will also get a chance to share their wealth of experience and insights garnered from their respective roles within the women’s football landscape.

The workshop kicks off today Tuseday, May 14, 2024 at Mathare Youth Sports Association in Komarock and will run for 4 days under the expert guidance of sports physiotherapist Franklyne Osama and Dr. Wichelmus Muckoya, sports nutritionist Purity Kamande, and clinical psychologist Rowena Tirop.

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