Case Study – Coaching Courses

Case Study – Coaching Courses

Football Kenya Federation has in the past four years trained over 2800 coaches in the Basic/Advanced (CAF D License) Level and a further 400 coaches in the CAF C Level.

The courses offered free of charge across all the 20 FKF Branches, have gone a long way in not only building capacity in our grassroots coaches but also bridging an education gap that had denied local coaches job opportunities both at home and abroad.

The Federation in partnership with FIFA most recently actualized a first of its kind instructors’ course which saw 60 Instructors get certified by FKF.

How to take part in the coaching courses

1. Get in touch with your Branch or Sub-Branch Official
2. Express your interest in taking part in the course
3. You will be contacted when the course is next offered

NB: Due to the limited spaces available, priority is given to those actively involved in clubs participating in the FKF leagues at all levels. You are therefore advised to get involved with a club near you (As a coach/club official/player) before expressing your interest in the courses.