FKF President: We don’t agree with the SDT’s decision but are awaiting FIFA’s directive

FKF President: We don’t agree with the SDT’s decision but are awaiting FIFA’s directive

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Football Kenya Federation President Nick Mwendwa has revealed that the Federation will be awaiting FIFA’s directive in light of the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) ruling made on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, pertaining to the scheduled FKF Elections.

In a judgment delivered via a video link amid fears over the spread of the Corona Virus, SDT chairman John Ohaga canceled the national elections that had been slated for March 27, 2020.

He cited an unreasonable Electoral Code, which the tribunal termed a “violation of the principle of free and fair elections contemplated by Section 46 (6) as read with Paragraph (d) of the Second Schedule to the Sports Act and Article 81 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.”

Earlier last month, FKF had petitioned the Tribunal against the Sports Registrar for clarity on some sections of the Sports Act. The Tribunal then enjoined cross petitioners in the case

“All our arguments at the tribunal (against the registrar), have been upheld by the tribunal. Almost all of our cross petitioners’ arguments against us have also been dismissed,” said FKF President Nick Mwendwa.

“To our shock, the SDT Chair moved to nullify the entire election, after saying that the Electoral Board and Appeals Committee was proper and that we did proper public participation. We don’t agree with the decision but we will await FIFA’s directive,” he added.

The president further moved to calm fears that the Federation was disjointed.

“Our constitution, as well as the ruling delivered yesterday, states that I remain in office. The Secretariat is also in the office, and football is still in the right direction,” he said.

FIFA is in the next two days set to make a decision on the matter.

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    Salim mohammed 8 months ago

    Mr Mwenwa , do you know English ? Tell you Lawyer to interpret for you the Ruling idiot ! You term of office has expired , therefore pack and go before you are arrested and surcharges for the money you have embezzled and for bring football into disrepute ! You are the one who filed the case with the SDT and foolishly telling us that you are waiting for another Ruling from F.I.F.A ! ? I will only advise you to follow the court process if ever you are aggrieved with the SDT RULING for F.I.F.A Can’t go against the court Ruling unless they are also corrupt and foolish like you !

  • comment-avatar
    David Murungah 8 months ago

    Mr.Salim Mohammed,your language as used here is not good. However deep you are hurt, you shouldn’t address Mr. Mwendwa as a fool and I don’t think he is all that foolish anyway. Even your English as written here has dome errors which means all of shall at times be on the wrong in our duties.
    Give us the best way to move out of this FKF Elections stalemate.

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