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    Football Kenya Federation (FKF) wishes to take this earliest of opportunities to state that Clubs that participate in unsanctioned leagues or tournaments will not be entitled to player development fee or transfer fee from domestic player transfer or international transfer.

    In addition, a player who has played in unauthorized competition or match from 10th February 2016 shall only be eligible to play in FKF affiliated competitions once the FKF’s Leagues and Competitions Committee decides on his/her fate within 30 days after lodging an application.

    The aforementioned are part of a resolution that was passed by the FKF National Executive Committee meeting held on Friday, May 6, 2016, in Nairobi.

    “Teams that have participated in unsanctioned matches from 10th February 2016 shall not be entitled to development or transfer fee from domestic player transfer or international transfer,” read the resolution in part.

    “In light of FKF being able to prove that a club is not an affiliated member, then the clubs share of solidarity and player development fee compensation shall be paid to the FA and used for youth development,” continued the resolution.

    The meeting also agreed that FKF creates a ‘Player Passport’ to aid in tracking of players, with preference being given to FKF affiliate clubs.

    “FKF will create a player passport for all players from all affiliated clubs. The document, which will contain information about all the clubs a player has played for since the age of 12, will assist clubs in tracing the sporting history of the player,” read the resolution.

    And continued “Against that backdrop, we shall therefore not indicate any unaffiliated teams/clubs in the player passport and as such those clubs will not be liable to compensation if any. As per the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, Articles 20 and 21, and Annexes 4 and 5.”

    For clarity, unsanctioned soccer matches are those matches/tournament/leagues which are neither organized nor sanctioned by the FKF.

    Leagues/Tournaments played below the national division one are sanctioned through FKF’s affiliate Branches and ultimately through the FKF national office.

    Clubs should confirm the status of would be signings through their Branch Secretaries to avoid being penalized.

    Robert Muthomi

    FKF, CEO

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