FIFA Women’s football expert Racheal Pavlou has today toured Kenya for a four day visit aimed at assessing Kenya’s women football development.

Pavlou is also set to offer advice on areas of improvement for the women’s game, which has made great strides in the recent past.

“I am happy with the efforts being made towards the growth of the women’s game. My visit is aimed at collaborating with FKF and advising on what can be done to improve women football especially at the grass root level,” said Pavlou.

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Following FKF’s emphasis on the growth of women football, Kenya was selected to pilot FIFA’s new women’s football development programmes whereby FIFA is aiming to reach 60 million female players by 2026.

This pilot project will focus on assessing Kenya’s current competition and development landscape and supporting the development of new and improved sustainable leagues using the existing club and school structures for different age categories.

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