In the heart of Machakos, a passionate football enthusiast named Silvester Mutua had a burning desire to coach the sport he loved. However, he lacked the basic coaching skills needed to nurture young talent.

Determined to make a difference, Coach Mutua seized an opportunity presented by the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in 2016, under the leadership of Nick Mwendwa.

Recognizing the importance of equipping grassroots coaches with the fundamental skills to train young boys and girls at the grassroots level, FKF initiated a massive coaching course across all FKF county branches. The courses were conducted free of charge, aiming to empower coaches like Silvester Mutua.

Coach Mutua emerged as one of the first beneficiaries of these coaching courses. Eager to make a lasting impact, he returned to his grassroots team and volunteered as their coach. This commitment was not only a requirement but also a stepping stone toward joining the next class of aspiring coaches.

Coach Mutua’s dedication paid off, as he skillfully guided his team, the Scotlanders FC, through various ranks, eventually reaching the Division Two league.

Under Coach Mutua’s tutelage, the Scotlanders FC has become a breeding ground for exceptional talent. Over time, several players from his team have moved on to play for other clubs, a testament to the effectiveness of Coach Mutua’s coaching methods.

He attributes his success to the coaching courses he has attended, constantly expanding his knowledge and expertise.

Coach Mutua’s journey in pursuit of excellence led him to enroll in the FKK Basic Advance Coaching Course and subsequently the CAF C License. Currently, he is attending a four-month CAF B License course at the Kenya School of Special Studies (KISE).

His dedication to continuous learning exemplifies his commitment to nurturing talent and improving the game.

Speaking with enthusiasm, Coach Mutua acknowledges that today, nearly every village in the country boasts trained coaches who have undergone the same courses. This development promises a significant impact on the talent pool the country produces and the overall system of play.

Coach Mutua envisions a future where his community produces a large pool of talented youths playing elite football, with his team ultimately reaching the top league.

Silvester Mutua’s success story is an inspiration to aspiring coaches and young players throughout Kenya. With his dedication, passion, and continuous pursuit of knowledge, he is reshaping football in Machakos and leaving a lasting legacy.


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