The pursuit of excellence, the journey to the next level – these phrases resonate deeply in the context of Kenyan football. But how can we truly enhance our football landscape? What steps must we take to transform these aspirations into reality?

Elevating grassroots football, constructing robust player development pathways, channeling investments towards youth development, and enhancing coaching expertise stand as pivotal measures in this pursuit.

Today, a pivotal moment has dawned upon Kenyan football, a culmination of a decade-long effort.

25 of our top coaches are currently undergoing a CAF A refresher course at the Kenya Institute of Special Education. This training builds upon their last session in 2014, which was not identified by CAF.

Today, the fruition of the federation’s efforts to attain recognition for these coaches as certified CAF A coaches is evident through this course.

“Today, the CAF A refresher course is in progress – a testament to our commitment to ensuring that they are acknowledged as certified CAF A coaches, ” said FKF President Nick Mwendwa

Tusker FC head coach Robert Matano, passionately expressed their eagerness for this course while acknowledging the federation’s role in facilitating this opportunity.

“For years, since 2014, we’ve been awaiting this chance, and the federation’s effort in bringing us this course is truly commendable. This enables us to refine and elevate our coaching skills, aligning them with the modern trends in football.”

Another batch of 25 coaches is expected to embark on their CAF A course this October, and this gradually increases the number of potential CAF A-certified coaches to an impressive total of 50 in our country.

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