30 coaches were awarded their CAF D certificates on Friday, August 18, 2023, following a ten-day training program in Embakasi Central.

The course has benefitted five teachers who have now acquired fundamental coaching abilities to nurture talent with the proper knowledge and technique.

This achievement aligns with the federation’s key priorities of women and youth football. Notably, it complements the recent launch of two important programs: FIFA Football For Schools and FIFA Women’s Football. The impact of these programs will be greatly amplified as teachers, who play a pivotal role in shaping young minds, now possess the necessary knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, football is proving to be an effective tool in reducing crime, particularly among the youth. By channeling their energy and passion into the sport, young individuals are less likely to engage in criminal activities, thereby contributing to a safer community.

Embakasi Central MP, Benjamin Gathiru, emphasized this positive trend during the course’s closing ceremony. He stated, “Football has played a crucial role in reducing crime in Embakasi Central. To sustain and further this trend, the NG-CDF fund will continue to support coach training initiatives in the area, nurturing more talented footballers.”

FKF Nairobi Region Secretary General, Dickson Doyo, also highlighted the federation’s commitment to raising coaching standards. He emphasized that with a growing number of coaches holding CAF D certificates, the federation will soon introduce minimum qualification requirements for coaches participating in their leagues.

The course was under the tutelage of FKF instructors Bernard Kawinzi and George Mwangi.

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