Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has initiated a two-day media relations workshop for media managers from the FKF Women Premier League and Women National Super League clubs. The workshop began on Monday, October 9, 2023, at Sports View Hotel.

The primary objectives of this workshop are to enhance the visibility of the women’s leagues, establish a strong social media presence, and attract a larger fan base. These initiatives collectively contribute to FKF’s broader goal of securing sponsors for women’s football, aligning perfectly with the federation’s core priority of developing women’s football in the country.

Participants will delve into various aspects of digital media strategy, covering creation, execution, communications and media management, marketing, commercialization, and the critical subject of sponsorship.

During the opening ceremony, FKF Vice President Doris Petra emphasized on the significance of the media relations workshop in fostering an environment conducive to the growth of women’s football.

“As part of the federation’s key priorities, women’s football has been at the forefront. We’ve been actively involved in football programs such as the FIFA Women’s Football campaign and are currently engaged in the FIFA League development program. These initiatives are aimed at creating an enabling environment for women’s football to thrive,” said FKF Vice President Doris Petra.

She further continued to say, ” This media relations workshop plays a pivotal role in this effort, equipping clubs with the skills and guidance they need to establish a strong online presence and draw fans to league matches. This, in turn, makes the league more attractive to potential sponsors, ensuring its sustainability.”

MTG United media manager Gayleen Akinyi expressed her optimism about the workshop and how she plans to utilize the knowledge gained to enhance her club’s social media presence.

“This workshop is incredibly valuable, the first of its kind. The insights we’re acquiring, especially in creating and executing a digital media strategy to keep our social media pages active, are highly practical. I fully intend to implement these strategies in my club,” said Gayleen Akinyi.

Diana Yonah, a facilitator at the workshop, commended FKF’s dedication to advancing women’s football and building on its successes.

“FKF has consistently placed a strong emphasis on developing women and youth football. Their commitment to growing the sport at all levels is admirable. Organizing training workshops for physiotherapists last week and now this workshop for media liaison officers from women’s teams will undeniably have a substantial positive impact on women’s football,” commented Diana.

She added, “By investing in the professionalization of women’s leagues and teams, FKF is paving the way for a brighter future for women’s football in Kenya.”

The workshop is set to conclude on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. The  FKF Women’s Premier League is entering its second round this weekend, and the FKF Women’s National Super League is scheduled to kick off on Saturday, October 14, 2023.