Football transcends boundaries, as was demonstrated during the Women’s Football Campaign event that took center stage in Lodwar, Turkana County on Friday, October 20, 2023.

The participation of 22 primary schools in this event served as a compelling testament to the extensive reach and profound impact of football.

The program primarily focuses on young girls from schools. Recognizing that students spend a significant amount of their time in school.

FKF Deputy President Doris Petra who was the guest of honor at the event stressed on the fact saying,

“You have to train a player from a very young age, and at that age the girls are in school therefore we have to work with schools so as the players grow they develop the right techniques of playing football and improve their talent.”

Cultural differences have for years been a big challenge for the girls in Turkana to pursue their football ambition and this was echoed by Turkana County FKF women representative Rael Lomoti, “For our community such a thing is rare especially for our girls, they have for so many years been left behind in the world of sports especially football. Today is a big day for a nomadic girl to experience this launch.”

“Our girls for so many years have experienced have undergone a lot of challenges which are preventing them from playing football and the first one is culture.” She continued.

The Women’s Football Campaign is a global program, that aims at increasing female participation in football and fostering the development of women and girls in the sport. It focuses on creating a structured pathway that nurtures young girls, providing them with the necessary support and guidance to excel in football and pursue national team and professional opportunities in the future.

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