25 coaches have today, Friday, November 3, 2023, graduated in the fourth CAF B coaching class. Presiding over the graduation ceremony was FKF CEO Barry Otieno at the Kenya Institute of Special Education.

Among the graduates is Mukasa Amboko, a dedicated teacher at Kombani Secondary School. His coaching journey began in 2016 when he pursued the CAF D certification, recognizing the need for improvement in the competitive performance of Kwale compared to other regions. Amboko’s determination and newly acquired skills swiftly yielded results. In 2018, he led Kwale Girls to victory in both the national and East African School games.

The Federation has made it a priority to equip educators with the necessary tools to effectively nurture young football talent, a focus that harmonizes with their commitment to women and youth football. Mukasa Amboko is an advocate for fellow educators to embrace this quest for knowledge. He emphasizes that teachers, who directly interact with students, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Kenyan football. Their competence and knowledge are critical to ensuring that young players receive the guidance they need to succeed.

Mr. Amboko encouraged other educators to join in the quest to enrich their football knowledge to be able to handle the young players well.

“I highly encourage teachers to seek coaching knowledge. Competent and knowledgeable educators are essential for the growth of the sport and for the well-being of our students.”

Throughout the course, these coaches delved into various subjects, including periodization, football science, and media relations. These valuable skills are expected to contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of football in the country when applied within their respective clubs.

The course, under the tutelage of Salim Ali, lasted for four months and has now expanded the count of CAF B coaches in Kenya to 100.

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