On Friday, January 26, 2024, the CAF A coaches attended an integrity session at the Kenya Institute of Special Education. The workshop, led by Mike Kamure, the Football Kenya Federation’s Integrity Officer, focused on the persistent issue of match-fixing in football.

During the course, coaches participated in an interactive session that focused on the understanding and prevention of match-fixing. This encouraged open discussion and allowed people to share their experiences.

The emphasis shifted to spotting red flags and familiarizing coaches with fixers’ strategies, which included developing connections and exploiting players’ financial weaknesses.

Coaches were additionally urged to refuse any approaches from match-fixers or their agents, and they were reminded of the necessity of reporting suspicious activity. The emphasis was placed on the pivotal role coaches play in upholding the integrity of the game.

By the session’s conclusion, participants had a better understanding of the dangers and repercussions of match-fixing. Real-life examples and case studies were discussed, shedding light on various match-fixing tactics and their implications for players, officials, and the sport of football.

Football Kenya Federation aims to implement widespread match-fixing education nationwide as a proactive measure to tackle this issue in the sport.

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