The transition from player to life after football has historically presented challenges. Recognizing this, the Football Kenya Federation continues to facilitate programs to foster inclusivity and support for players seeking to re-engage with football in alternative roles. One such initiative involves offering coaching courses to those interested in pursuing a coaching career.

This endeavor holds significant importance as the transition of players into coaching roles is seen as a natural progression, with far reaching implications for the development of the next generation of footballers. Through their firsthand experiences and professional skills, former players can impart invaluable knowledge and mentorship to aspiring players.

This significance is particularly pronounced in grassroots football, where young, impressionable individuals look to former players as role models, aspiring to replicate or even surpass their achievements.

In the light of this, 6 active and non-active football players have embarked on their CAF D licensing journey in Buruburu that kicked off on Monday, March 25, 2024.

The group comprises former Harambee Stars players such as Mathew Ottamax, Wycliffe Kasaya, and Tom Ogweno, alongside ex-Gor Mahia player Ronny Kagunzi, former Ulinzi Stars player Mohamed Hassan, and current Harambee Stars player and Kenya Police player David “Cheche” Ochieng.

Wycliffe Kasaya, founder of Passion Soccer Academy, has dedicated himself to making a difference by immersing himself in grassroots football. He recognizes the importance of education in coaching, understanding that simply being a professional player doesn’t automatically qualify one to be a coach. Kasaya believes that investing in coaching education is essential for nurturing a better generation of players.

“There’s so much to learn, in the process of transitioning it’s advisable that once your playing career concludes, you immerse yourself in education. I’ve come to understand that playing and coaching are different.” he said.

He further acknowledged the array of coaching opportunities accessible in educational institutions and academies, highlighting the significant impact quality coaches can have. “For our football to move forward, we need to mentor, develop and build players from grassroots level.”

Echoing these sentiments, Mathew Ottamax emphasized, “Foundation of football lies within the youth. To advance as a footballing nation, we must prioritize grassroots development.”

He also urged fellow former football players to take the initiative to pursue coaching licenses.

This course is under the tutelage of FKF instructors Stephen Ocholla and Salim Ali and will run for 10 days ending on Friday, April 5, 2024.

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