The second edition of the physiotherapists workshop hosted by FKF in partnership with FIFA comes to a close today Friday, May 17, 2024 at Mathare Youth Sports Association.

25 participants from FKF Women’s Premier League (FKF WPL) and FKF Women’s National Super League (FKF WNSL) clubs were beneficiaries of this workshop.

This second edition of the workshop signified a concerted effort to deepen knowledge and skills in sports medicine among participants.. It offered advanced course work modules building on the previous workshop that was held on October, 2023.

In particular, this workshop aimed to build upon the foundation laid during the inaugural workshop, ensuring continuity and progression in capacity building.

The workshop ran for four days and was under expert guidance of industry professionals Franklyne Osama, Dr. Wichelmus Muckoya, Purity Kamande, and Rowena Tirop.

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